Submitting times
Easily submit times to the competition with s!submit

Submitting a time

There are two styles of submission for Scrambler depending on your preference- Default Style will break ties by best single (especially useful for large competitions) whereas Classic Style is more simple and convenient. See Picking a Submission Style for more information on making a decision.
Depending on your submission style, syntax for submitting a result will be slightly different. In both cases, however, if you make a mistake you may always submit again- your latest submission will be the one that is counted.

Formatting Your Times

Regardless of your submission style, times must be entered in the following format: MM:SS.dd where M represents the number of minutes, S represents the seconds and d represents the decimal of the seconds. We recommend submitting times with accuracy to the hundredths place (2 decimal places).

Default Style

s!submit <event> result1 result2 result3 result4 result5
The default style for submitting results with Scrambler is the verbose form where you submit each of your attempts separated by spaces. The bot will automatically calculate your average or mean (if applicable) and add it to the database.
Example default submission

Classic Style

If submitting times for a blindfolded event or FMC, you should submit your best attempt rather than your mean! One of the limitations of the classic style is the inability to see all your attempts- so to ensure that placing is done correctly keep this in mind.
s!submit <event> average|best
The simpler of the two options, Classic Style will take submission and submit it straight to the database- no calculations needed.
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