Scramble Arguments
Easily get many scrambles at once or get blindfolded/fewest moves scrambles.

Multiple scrambles

To get more than one scramble for any given event, simply run s!<event> <count>. To get 5 unique 3x3 scrambles for example, simply run s!3x3 5.
To prevent spam and stay within Discord's 2000 character limit, Scrambler may give you fewer scrambles than requested. The maximum scramble value depends on the average length of scramble for that puzzle.


Blindfolded scrambles come with 0-3 moves at the end of the scramble to randomize the puzzle's orientation. Scrambler supports blindfolded scrambles for all cubic events 2x2-5x5.
To get blindfolded scrambles, simply type s!<event> bld [count].

Fewest moves

FMC scrambles are padded with the moves R' U' F to prevent the scramble from being reversed and results that are "too good to be true" from being submitted. Scrambler has this functionality for 3x3 scrambles.
To get FMC scrambles, simply type s!3x3 fmc [count].
Last modified 1yr ago