Configuring Scrambler

Set up Scrambler's competitions, moderators, and more.

By far the beefiest and most powerful command Scrambler has to offer, s!config allows the configuration of many of the bot's customizable features.

s!config <view|enable|disable|events|mods|ban|reset>

Viewing your configuration

To view all your competition settings, you can do so with s!config view. This will show you all of the settings you can modify and their current states.

Example configuration

Scrambler Moderators

Scrambler moderators are able to use s!config, s!comp, s!manage, and s!prefix. Members with the Manage Server permission are also able to use these commands by default.

To add or remove a role to the moderator list, the syntax is as follows:

s!config mods @Moderator @Helper [...]

Any roles/role ID's you list will be toggled as Scrambler moderator roles (i.e. if @Helper was a moderator before, running this command would remove it from the list; Scrambler will tell you whether you are adding or removing the role if you can't remember). Of course, when using this command replace "Moderator" and "Helper" with existing roles on your server.

Resetting moderator roles

To delete all saved Scrambler Moderator roles, simply run the following command. Users with the MANAGE_GUILD permission will still be able to use moderator only commands including s!config.

s!config mods reset

Banning users/roles

If you want to prevent a user or users with a certain role from participating in server competitions, you may ban either with the following command:

s!config ban @BannedUser @BanRole [...]

As with other configuration commands, all mentioned roles/users/id's will toggle their ban status, so if you want to unban a user the command would be identical.

Enabling/Disabling Competitions

Competitions can easily be enabled or disabled via the s!config command. Syntax is self-explanatory and as follows:

s!config <enable|disable>

Picking a Submission Style

By default, submitting a result with Scrambler is done by submitting all of your attempts together (e.g. s!submit 2x2 2.44 2.65 1.87 3.01 2.32) , rather than submitting only your final average like was done before (s!submit 2.47). This allows ties to be broken by best single, and ensures you calculated your average correctly. However, if you would like to revert to the classic submission style, you can do with this command:

s!config classic

This will toggle whether or not to use classic style submissions- Scrambler will tell you what changes you made. To view your current setting, see s!config view.

Setting up events

Toggling events

To toggle competition events on or off, the syntax is as follows:

s!config events 3bld fmc redi [...]

Scrambler has a multitude of events to choose from, so name as many as you'd like!

Do note, however, that most events are enabled by default (with the exception of 2x2x3, ivy cube, 4BLD, 5BLD, and 2BLD).

Changing solve count

If you want to change the number of solves for an event (e.g. change FMC to 3 attempts instead of 1), it can be done with the following syntax:

s!config events <event> <count>

Note: The number of scrambles must be between 1 and 5, inclusive.

Resetting event list

Resetting your event list to default is as simple as:

s!config events reset

Reset all settings

To reset all your Scrambler settings to their default values, simply run this command:

s!config reset