Ignoring Channels
Choose which channels Scrambler commands can be used in.
Scrambler's commands are convenient, but can also quickly clog up a channel. For that reason, it is recommended for larger servers that you designate a channel for scrambler commands to be used in. To do so, use the s!ignore command.
Note: s!ignore will work regardless of whether a channel is ignored or not.

Toggling channels

Just like the s!config command, channel mentions will toggle their ignore status. If a channel was not previously ignored it will be ignored, and if it was ignored before it will no longer be ignored. This sounds confusing, but in practice makes the process much simpler!
Ignore command syntax is as follows:
s!ignore #channel #mentions #go #here
Example usage

Bulk ignoring channels

A popular use case for Scrambler is to have it only enabled in a few channels, such as your racing channel, commands channel, and competition channels. This can be easily accomplished with the following command syntax:
s!ignore all #unignored #channels #here
Unlike the other variation of the ignore command, channel mentions will not be toggled, and this command will overwrite any existing ignore channels with the set you define.

Resetting all restrictions

To delete all of your channel restrictions, you can do so with this command:
s!ignore reset
Scrambler's commands will work as expected in every channel it has access to.
Last modified 1yr ago